Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Briss (Mark II)

Went to my daughters god-father's second son's Briss last night.

o O o #2 o<
-|- --> --[ ]-- --> -|- --> -|- + o
/ \ | /|\ / \
/ \

Last time I posted this (for son #1) I was asked to 'please explain????'

to which I replied:

I hate it when I have to ex-plane comedy.
Do you mean the relationship where the god father (i.e. Christian) has a son subjected to a Jewish ritual or do you mean the Briss (sealing of the covenant between god and his adopted people by lopping bits off their genitals at a party) or do you mean the picture which is trying to convey the whole shomozle in ascii art?

I hope that nips any confusion in the bud, so to speek.

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