Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Found them - you can stop looking everybody

In the gym bag. I must have vagued out after the 2h spin / pump back to back gym marathon on Monday that left me gasping and feeling as if I had bled out. I usually cope with being a scatter brain by attaching my keys to my belt loop via a 'bina - oh so high fashion I know but that's a price I'm willing to pay for being able to open the front door when I get home.

In other news I'm having more trouble deciding what to wear today than figuring out what to wear to a swingers party. I've been invited to a graduation for one of my staff; to tie or not to tie, that is the question. French cuffs or dress down?

I need your help people.


Bo Bo said...

Lounge suit no tie = cool boss

Peter Jackson black suit with French cuffs = not so cool boss

B said...

mine are usually in the fridge.

I hear the mini skirt is still all the rage... but that might just be for girls.

unique_stephen said...

Bo Bo > So no place then for Hefner style pajamas?

B > My knees are that sexy that I'd need a license to get about in a mini.

Anonymous said...

Always dress UP. I vote you pull out that beige polyester lounge suit and go for clappers.

And have you tried putting your front door key in your sock in your shoe? Works for some!

xl said...

Psst. Underwear is overflowing out of that file cabinet drawer behind you.

fingers said...

Slow blog day round there today ??
That was a very funny comment by 'xl'...

unique_stephen said...

Kate > it makes me look ghay when I walk, but only on one side.

XL > I was wondering where that lacy number went.

Fingers > Mea maxima culpa. I've a bunch of half written rubbish in draft that needs tarting up, mostly taking the piss out of seppos.

Anonymous said...

Suit up, baby. I like Bo's ideas. I'd avoid a mini, though. You lean forward to shake the graduates hand and the world is your gynocologist.

unique_stephen said...

Jen > I can see it now, shaking some poor students hand and she looks up wondering - "is that a steering wheel lock in his pocket or is he just happy to see me".
Do mimi's have pockets?

electro-kevin said...

You want massive winged collars open necked and a chuffing great gold medallion.


deece said...

i never recognise the academic staff from my department when they wear ties.

just thought that might be helpful information if there are any students you are currently trying to avoid.

LauraDanielleDotN said...

Whatever you wear, be sure to attach those keys to the belt loop. Such a fashionable accessory...and it let's everyone know you are a little sporty yet practical.

Cat said...

I think dress slightly up - no tie but look smart!

Hey I have one of those caribiners for my keys as well - I pay the prace for being uncool too- or maybe this makes us cool?!

By the way nice link you left me I about feel off my chair - wonderful Sign I bet it is near the Happy spot!


unique_stephen said...

EK > Unfortunately I don't have a shirt that does for collars what Sally Field did for Habits.

deece > I'm allergic to them - ties, not students.

Laura > they almost never leave my side, but I do try not to catty two sets at once or else I look like a security guard.

Cat > That's exactly what I did. And anyone that attaches their keys to themselves with a devise that has its safe working load in kN printed on the side is cool in my books.