Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here be Dragons

Great North Walk
Back in August 2007 we took the kids for a walk around the STEP track. A year later Annalise is walking better and taking more interest in the environment around her; commentating on the birds, ants, flowers and trees as we walked. The last year has been dry and this time I couldn't find any of the endangered carnivorous sundews (Drosera). There is also noticeably more fallen timber, branches and leaf litter in the Terry's Creak Valley which is going to fuel a ripper of a fire when one eventually comes through.

And we saw a dragon

(apologies for the appalling vid but I'm crap at editing this kind of stuff)


Anonymous said...

Scary looking things but I'm glad we have them.

Which is a kind of odd thing to I'll just go back to budgies.

the projectivist said...

i felt a bit ill when you levered yourself precariously on the edge of that rock!

Bo Bo said...

What’s my mother in law doing at Terry’s Creak Valley?

unique_stephen said...

Kate > like many things, no innuendo intended.

projectivist > I should have included the shot where I ran up to the end.
Not a climber are you.

Bo Bo > That's exactly what my father says.

De Campo BC said...

Here I am all giddy with anticipation thinking I’m about to see footage of “When Dragons Attack”. Just when I can’t take it anymore I get a freaking still shot of a gecko and a claim of a dragon in the distance.

Luckily, I’m just crap and will edit this video to be truly appalling. I may even give it Japanese subtitles.

Em said...

awww... how cute a little baby Australian accent.

xl said...

Get any footage of drop bears?

unique_stephen said...

De Campo BC > Take a closer look. A meter long with glistening needle teeth. I'm sure Geiger modeled the aliens gaping maw on one, and they are quick - this bastard can run on water. I'd rather crash tackle a drop bear cub in front of it's mother than hand feed one of these critters.

Em > Cute perhaps, but I'm still trying to find the off switch.

xl > I have no intention of becoming the next Timothy Treadwell.