Friday, November 28, 2008


How will our kids see their childhood? will they know how much they were loved? will they remember the simple pleasures of kids playing on the beach?


the projectivist said...

are you melancholic today?
my children will remember lovely days on the beach and i will remind them every day that they are loved.

nice picture, stephen.

Mike Bogle said...

Great thought. I think it's important to think of these questions while they're still young - lest we look back later in their lives and realise we don't like our answer.

Anonymous said...

I had a childhood spent around family who loved me...and the beach. Always the beach. Bloody great memories and no, your kids won't forget.


Eostre said...

I hope so. I hope they never forget how precious to you they are. I hope they know exactly how much love you carry for them. I hope they can see it in you and one day they can see it in their love for their own children.

De Campo BC said...

No doubt that your children will be able to look back and smile.

Well, that is until they look back on your blog archive and see the embarrassing shit you posted of them.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I think I'm kids will have fond memories... like that one time we moved from one city to another andf forget to take him (the prince) with us. Oh that was a knee slapper.


Actually...I can only hope they are because, my memories with them are happy ones now and we're still building more memories.

Ciao honey.