Monday, April 13, 2009

Furnature truck commes tomorrow

What an exhausting few days. I shall have blisters from unpacking I'm sure, but tomorrow we may just be sleeping in the new house. Thank god the in laws have gone away on hols for a week tho' and left us their house.


Ute said...


not being a word snob or anyfink,(dear Gawd, I kant spell for shite!).....but did you purposely misspell your post title??

i hate(HATE) moving... with a severe pashun. in the 21 years OH & me have been together, we have moved 13 times.
Lucky of late, because HE works as a removalist! =D

As the old girl always used to say, "As long as you have beds made up, the rest can wait."
And she's right...

hope all goes smoothlly for you guys. =))

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Thee is an art to unpacking. It must be done correctly the first time. I usually get plenty of help, like cousins, sisters, brothers and friends. Then have lots of food and drinks available...then I supervise.

See it's easy with no blisters. hehehe

Hope all is going well aat the law's house.

Anonymous said...


And the number one thought in my head when unpacking is:

Why the hell didn't I throw that away?

Hang in there're almost done!

unique_stephen said...

Ute > posted from my phone, with no spell check :-(
Being dyslexic - from the time that NSW spelling forgot I am at sea without spell cheque

SZJ > We share the same moving philosophy

Sweet > It only sucks arse when it is done right