Friday, April 17, 2009




xl said...

You've got the basics. The rest is details!

Anonymous said...



Looking good so far!

Ute said...

ooops! wrong house!

*backs away...S L O W L Y....*

no coopers.... tsk,tsk.


unique_stephen said...

XL, Sweet > so far so good.

Ute > What !?!?!?!, Did you think I was going to give any of my Pale Ale to the removalists ??????

Ute said...

oh! you're one of THOSE people!?!

heh.... keepin' ya Coopers to yaself eh?

Magnaboy (other half) often brings home a carton of Pales from clients noice enough to thank them for moving them.

liquid Gold. =))

Anonymous said...

So, what weekend should we all keep free for the housewarming?

Eostre said...

Dear Lord, I leave you alone for a few months and you leave the reservation and embrace a life of drinking and... well, drinking?

Looks like I got here just in time. What will nature do without you? Think of the animals Stephen!

Dare I hope that you have moved to Tasmania at least?

Pe Es. Congrats on the house.

Memphis Steve said...

Looks like you're all moved in. When can I come sleep on your couch and hang for awhile? I'll pay for the beer to make it up to you.

Word Verification: dinick

coloquial: didn't it

"da beer hadda be drunk afore it went bad, dinick?"

Mark Lawrence said...