Monday, November 16, 2009

Everybody needs a friend.

I used mine to hold up a tarp and keep the sun off our backs at a kids party.
Didn't want some of the cold blooded guests from getting to warm and frisky:

Update: I've had several emails about the first pic - It's a bit of rock climbing hardware called a 'friend' or a cam that you use to help stop yourself hitting the ground when you fall. It's an indictment of what has become of my life that my friends are now used to hold up a tarp rather than out on a wild crag some place.


xl said...

Crocodile Stephen, you guys know how to throw a cool kid's party! Nice pix and vids!

Q: Why did you use the cams?
A: Because I could!

Ms Smack said...

Aw, you're such an Aussie bloke without the okker-grossness!

yes, I made that up!

I like your akubra too. I just tend to wear baseball caps.


De Campo said...

I like your style. You can never have too much beer or dangerous reptiles at a kids’ party.

Memphis Steve said...

One day I hope to be your neighbor. Beer and crocs, what a party!

Eostre said...

By kids are you referring to the baby crocodiles? Or are the crocodiles a child friendly toy in Australia? If it's the later... I really regret not growing up there. Also, nice hat.

unique_stephen said...

XL > Thanks mate. 'Tho I had the crock and other plaything arranged because _I_ wanted to play with them. Note in the picks I'm sitting up front with the kids.

Smack > I can imagine no higher accolade. I like my hat but miss the old one

DCBC > Any hints on the next adult party?

Memphis > Our neighbors have pools, we have three eucalyptus trees. Not a good mix.

Eostre > This one is a big baby. I think they use the same crock until it bites a kid. Then they get a younger one.

Fusion said...

Interesting play toys for a kids party. Did you play pin the tail on the croc?

EmmaK said...

social services would have a field day with you over here, i guess down under an alligator is just a nice pet for a kid!! No, I admire your pluck you're too cool for school

Memphis Steve said...

OK, so I'll live a few houses down then.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey I have one of those hats...I wear mine (black) sometimes when I ride a horse.

While in Florida...we saw about 4 big ones on the road. I think we should start a Croc Boot Shop there.