Monday, November 30, 2009

More fun to destroy than to create.

A few weeks ago Diego helped me remove the sauna.
It's hammer time....



xl said...

No sauna? Where will the Swedish Bikini Team cleans their pores?

Memphis Steve said...

A sauna? In Australia? I say that, but then I know people here in The South that have them and it's equally baffling to me.

Ute said...

Room for a spa now?! =)

Fusion said...

Nice dump pile you have by the side of your house. Does it cost a small fortune to have it hualed like here in the states?
Shame you couldn't move or sell the sauna, looked like it was in pretty good shape.

ksm said...

Steve! We could have grown certain medicinal herbs in there! Safe from prying eyes!

Or it could have been a very small home theatre with a little work.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

That looks lots better and its cool to have a place to sit outside and have breakfast or lunch with the family.

How about a swimming pool???

unique_stephen said...

XL > if it ever turns out to be a problem than I will like them clean

Memphis > We used it as a shed. (p.s did you know we have more snow in Australia than they do in Switzerland? true)

Ute > I like the way your thinking woman.

Fusion > Yeah, it's more than I want to pay but cheeper than hiring a skip and doing it myself. It was getting fairly rotten. Ceder tho' smelted great.

KSM > Dho - too late now.

SZJ > We do a lot of alfresco BBQ type eating. Good for the kids - just hose it (and them) down. Don't want a pool - that's what the inlaws are for.

De Campo said...

Diego needs to bring more than his purse next time he sets out for some demolition.