Thursday, November 26, 2009


Not sure I'm cut out for it.

I now have a lawn or rather two lawns - one out the front and one out the back.
I must have missed the 'how to maintain a lawn' classes when I went to man school because I don't seem to be able to get it to grow soft, vigorously - green yet bindi free. I suspect I'm mowing too short - not sure about that but the bindis are enthusiastically in favor of whatever I'm doing.

Apparently the lawn is buffalo but I reseeded the bare patches with tall fescue. The buffalo safe weed killer is also bindi safe but evidence suggests that it's fescue unfriendly.

I need to mow at least fortnightly as the bark and leaves from the three enormous gun trees are sufficient to fill two large dumpsters once mulched!


xl said...

Get thee to a garden shop and get some advice on watering, cut length, feeding, based upon your climate and soil.

ksm said...

Remember most weed-n-feed products are buffalo unfriendly.

And frankly Steve, I scoff at your "lawn". That postage stamp.

You want lawn based frustration - you know where to come!

Ute said...

I say, kill it dead, and replace with fake lawn.

No mowing, watering or anyfink!

We have a lovely patch of green weeds in winter, and in summer, it is brown, with the majority being bindi.

Not our property, so i don't really give a shit.

But if it were, i'd be looking into fake lawn.

Kitty said...

wavey davey hates grass.

we are concreting the entire outside area of our new property and painting that shit green.

just like wogs do.


unique_stephen said...

XL > they ask all these hard questions I cant answer - and I'm a geologist !!!

ksm > Yes, I am reminded again of your toff status as one of the landed gentry. I look forward to the invitation to play cricket on the yellowed rolling hill of your country estate.

Ute > Bindi is not fake lawn?

Kitty > I love me my 'Gleeks' and.
concrete. Many years ago I was looking after a ground water well on an industrial site. Occasionally trucks would back into it and knock over the top section and fuck up 3K worth of pumps and sampling equipment. I arranged for a contractor to come and build a concrete pad with some bollards. I asked him how strong it would be given the near buy trees and big trucks. He gave me adisaproving look and replied in Wog/Aussie accent: 'When I am fhiiiinished wid hiiim, you can park two car on him'. The end result was big enough to launch a space shuttle from.

ksm said...

My father has always been a fan of concreting the garden.

Fusion said...

I dislike lawn care as well, had a bigg one at my old place. So what did do? Found a GF that bought a house with almost double the lawn size...