Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today's Australia Day.

It has been aptly spent fishing and surfing and it's nt even 11:30 in the morning yet.
Went out on the boat with Pat last night and again at sparrows fart this morning and managed to land a large flat head and a few fighting taylor. With salad in a light beer batter I'm go'na 'av 'em for lunch on the deck.
Don't have my board here this time so I went out body surfing and mixed it with the surfers in a pumping 2m swell. Caught some crazy waves. The sea mist kept coming in making for an eerie ambiance. Foggy grey-yellow clouds hugged and swirled around the crystal clear waves. We were out 60m or so, far enough that with the misty you couldn't see the shore or sometimes even the other surfers around you. Out from the mist you'd see the dark green face of a wave and with a few strokes and a kick of the fins you'd be set - carving down the face of one, fast enough that I was wholly skipping across the face. 10 seconds or so later they'd fatten out in the channel and you could either kick to stay on or give it up and ride the rip back out.
Beaut rides.

This arvo I recon I'll go out for another fish with Pat. See what we can catch. I think mum's got a rack of lamb for the barbie tho so no drama if we don't manage much.

Dad's ok - he's mostly sitting around the house as the large skin cancer he had cut from his face yesterday is giving him a bit of trouble today.

's Australia day - so 'av a good one ay!


Lana Banana said...

i miss costa rica.

yeah, it's not australia.

but it's home and it's got some bad-assed waves, too.

plus, it DOESN'T have . . . oh, you know, every venomous creature known to mankind. i'm just sayin'.


Ms Smack said...

Now that's an aussie update!

I'm having lobster for dinner. Caught this morning. na naaa!

Enjoy the short week.


xl said...

Happy Oz Day, mate!

Memphis Steve said...

Happy Australia Day, mate! Yes, I know I'm late but you know we Yanks are like 14 hours or so behind you.

Word Verification: dinder

Dinder - dinner 'down under'

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Happy Australia Day honey. Sounds like you're haveing a fab time.

later honey.