Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bric A brac

  • Busy time of year starting around now
  • Just booked Ski holiday for Aug
  • Oldest kid just started school - like proper big school
  • Dad is doing ok - in that he is not doing any worse
  • Broken stereo has been fixed
  • My arthritis has got worse and makes me feel crap - the drugs make the arthritis better but make me feel crap
  • I've become an old man - I'm growing tomatoes in the garden.
  • Megan Fox is a mutant - I'm never going to be able to look at a picture of her wo looking closely at her mutant thumb.
  • The Australian government is soon to enact its ban on pornography and anything else the fuddy duddy wowsers find offensive. This includes making it illegal to show/have/covert an image of a flat chested woman as clearly - who would want to look at a flat chested woman unless they were a pedophile. Depiction of female ejaculation is also deemed illegal. I'm thinking of picking up sticks and moving to a more lenient country - like Saudi.


xl said...

"ban on pornography"

Holy fuck! What the hell is going on down there? Did the fundamentalists take over or what?

unique_stephen said...

We have been Conroyed

Check this out

Memphis Steve said...

See, that whole Aussie ban on pornography just baffles me. Didn't your prime minister celebrate his winning the election by going to a strip club or something?

Over here the feminists and Baptists only agree on one thing, and that is that all men who like naked women with shaved vaginas are secretly thinking of little girls and therefore should be arrested and castrated. Why are people always banning the harmless shit while the truly harmful things are left completely alone? Shaved vagina or flat chested woman - bad. Robocop shooting off a man's genitals with a handgun - OK. WTF?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi honey: I think memphis steve would turn right around and go back to the states if that law is passed.

Does that mean they would close up the strip clubs?

I thinking about moving to New Hampshire and also buying a place in Europe...England, Belgium, Italy, France.

Where do you have arthritis, sweetie?

take care sweetie. xxx

Fusion said...

Well so much for moving back permanently!

EmmaK said...

the small breasts porn ban ..that's really america is more liberal than australia! wow the mind boggles