Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just purchased 70 of these


xl said...

For home?

Ute said...

So what is it? Is that just like a separate hard drive for your usual desk top iMac?

Memphis Steve said...

You planning to back-up the entire company? Or is that a CD burner? What is it, Mac Man?

unique_stephen said...

XL > using them to digitize and podcast the lectures at the uni

Ute > No - they are little macs.

Memphis > Instant server farm

ksm said...

Why not just buy servers?

Racking and stacking, powering, cabling and cooling all of those Minis is going to take a bit of effort.

Not to mention managing them!


Spiky Zora Jones said...

um, you mean it's not a mini ATM?

Indigo said...

Lunch box?

unique_stephen said...

Proswet654 > 他妈的关闭

ksm > Because we need the physical audio ports, various other plugs and usb's etc and you can't virtualise them, or rather you can but the hardware to do so is more expensive than a mini. The minis have magnitudes more than enough grunt to do the processing that we need and are very meager with power. We calculated the power consumption of the dumb audio, video and usb collectors and micelanous support and control hardware vs a dedicated mini for each lecture theater we record from and the minis were the clear winner. Cheep to support and replace. Small form factor means we can fit them into the lecturns or stack them in our rack space.
As they are essentially all clones management is a fairly trivial matter - given that this is a hardware replacement and renual exercyse - replacing the aging x-servers (7-8 years) to do the same job now there would be little change to our work practices and we still get to use all the mac based tools we have developed over the years.
Besides - they look cool.

SZJ > What do you need the cash for girl - I'm free.

Indigo > yep, full of spring rolls, Hot cogs, cam burgers and silicon chips.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi honey: I was going to wine and dine you...and then later take you to my hotel room and take advantage of you.

er, reverse that. I was going to let you take advantage of me.

hahaha...I'm laughing too...I could just order room service. Fucking always makes me hungry.

later babe. xxx

ksm said...

Lecterns. It all makes sense now.

xl said...

We deployed several of these with touch screens for information kiosks. Very good results.