Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If the sound is out of sync blame youtube.
Ute et al meamed me to do this.


Ute said...

You are SOOOOO cute. >.<

And hawt. ;oD

That was weird with the sound out of sync...almost like watching an SBS show.

Thank you for doing this. :o)

Ms Smack said...

Great vlog!

You're a bit cute, like Ute said, in a deviate accountant kind of way.

Ironically, the word verif is extme.

What do you make of that eh?


Anonymous said...

......heheheheeeee......Stephen said root......heheeeeee

xl said...

I'm sorry, could you repeat that again? I was distracted by the Lamington.

Memphis Steve said...

You have what I would think is the classic Aussie accent. You could be a TV narrator or announcer or something. Everything is perfectly pronounced and easily understandable, even if it is out of sync with your video. Hey, you could dub Japanese monster movies!

So I take it a slater in Australia is what Americans in The South call a roly poly, but I'll have to Google to find out for sure.

Friday said...

What do you call your granparents?



You're HOT!!