Tuesday, December 12, 2006

LibraryThing (2)

Whilst uploading some popular fiction books that are on the shelf at home the other night I noted this about one particular title in my collection:

Members who have the book

1 members have the book in their library.There are 1,090,215 books more popular.

Hmm - so is no one else interested in the history of the provinces under Roman rule around the end of the republic - Octavius through to 100 or so AD, or is it just me? - there are over one million and ninety thousand books more popular :-(


Anonymous said...

That personally sounds pretty interesting to me, but then again I do consider The Odyssey to be one of my personal favourites. Where are these popularity stat's located anyway? I'd be very interested to see how I far in the scheme of things.

unique_stephen said...

If you open library thing no the first tab and click on the name of the book, not the picture, it takes you to the info for that book. you can then scroll to the bottom and there it is, last on the list. Heap on my books are unique on Library thing. I wonder if that will mean I'll be one of the first against the wall when the revolution comes :-|