Friday, December 15, 2006

Test post via email

This is a short test to see how posting by email works.
Test photo here:
<a href="" title="sometimes
I just sits"><img
src="" width="75"
height="75" alt="sometimes I just sits" /></a>


unique_stephen said...

hmmm - anybody know how put an image in a blogger email post?

Mark said...

As far as I know, it can't be done. Normal email blog posts are fine, but my struggles have only encompassed email blog posts from my 3G phone email – blogger won't do it. I had to find a work-around…

I know that you can email an image directly to Flickr. Perhaps you can set it up to automatically post the image to your blog. I believe it can be done (in theory), though I suggest you set up a separate Flickr for automatic blog posting… that way you know exactly what's being blogged (and not every single photo in your flickr.)

jennifer starfall said...

yeah, i don't know how to do that, either. check the blogger help forum. people ask all kinds of questions there, and i've gotten several great answers by checking that first...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the silence - lemme think on this and see what strange theories I can come up with. As the other's have said, I'm not sure whether you can do it or not; but it definitely deserves the ol' college try :)

Hope your holiday is going well!

Anonymous said...

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Steph said...

I have no idea. I'm lucky i figured out how to post pics on my blog the normal way ;)

Merry Christams to you and yours Mr Stephen.xx