Friday, December 01, 2006

More smoke

Sydney, or at least my little part of it is again covered in smoke. Nothing in the news apart from this so I don't know if it is local or back burning or from the mountains or from the Hunter area or what.

-: Update :-
The smoke is probably the result of the combined effect of 67 bushfires in the state, one burning on a 30 km front!


Mark Lawrence said...

It does sound like things are getting a bit hot again, and I hope you and your family are safe and okay.

Take heart, though, with the latest news:
"Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) firefighters will join their New South Wales (NSW) colleagues to help control fires near the Blue Mountains.

116 firefighters and seven trucks will arrive in NSW tomorrow to help battle fires at Mudgee."

All the best.

unique_stephen said...

Thanks. Those Victorians will save us. We back onto the Lane Cove national Park so it is a real threat, tho nothing like Mike and his family face

Mike Bogle said...

We're hanging in there. Thanks for thinking about us :-) In fact the fires up by Mount Vic have been contained according to recent reports. The smoke we got up here today were from the Bathurst and Mudgee fires. Sure was friggin' hot though, thank God for air conditioning.

Leesha said...

I really, really hope it rains for you guys today.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact Leesha, it is currently PISSING down! Thunder and lightning, and a whole lot of water. Very nice change of pace :)

Leesha said...

That is great!
And we have sunshine!