Monday, December 04, 2006

Little things changing

As the kids grow It's the little things you notice and celebrate.
- Started smiling
- Going from 120 mills to a bit less than 180 mills per feed
- Sleeping through the night
- Really really lovely smiles with little 'guah' sounds.
- Fascinated looking at himself in the mirror.
- Not holding things but just starting to reach (swing wildly) out for items hanging above him

- Started using the word "my" rather than Anna, i.e. 'My shoes', 'Want clean my teeth' instead of 'Anna shoes' or 'Anna teeth'.
- Playing better with other kids.
- Getting colours right
- Putting herself to bed when she is tired.
- Remembering things that she can't see better, like where she put some toy yesterday or which upturned card is which after seeing me turn them over.


LauraDanielleDotN said...

Is annalise a big fan of reading? if so, what are some of her favorite books?

Leesha said...

Just wait till she starts saying "Dad, I want..."

babyoog said...

Very cool stuff. It's amazing to watch them change.

Mark Lawrence said...

"- Putting herself to bed when she is tired."

Miracle child!!!