Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Enough Eggs already

Easter is supposed to be about nodding your head and saying yes - I believe that a Middle Eastern Tribesman got nailed up to a tree some 2000 years ago for suggesting that people should be nice to each other. Regardless of whether you think this one event in all the killings that have gone before or after is especially relevant I would ask that you refrain from celebrating this by giving my kid little chocolate morsels that; A) can kill her, and B) will lead to me the inevitable breakdown in the father daughter relationship when I raise my voice at her for not eating her dinner when she has a belly full of chocolate.

end rant


Leesha said...

Good rant Steve.
you could always thank people gratefully for the eggs they give, then send them over here to me?

jennifer_starfall said...

sweetie, chocolate melts faster than a lolly. she wouldn't choke to death on a chocolate morsel.

but rant away, because you're damn right that it's your kid and you should make the rules.

should've had sushi instead.

Marika said...

I heard a story the other day from a girl who wasn't allowed chocolate growing up, but her parents still wanted her and her brother to have the easter experience. Every year they would hide chocolate eggs in the garden for an egg hunt on Easter morning...then TAKE THE EGGS AWAY FROM THE KIDS AND THROW THEM AWAY BECAUSE CHOCOLATE WAS EVIL. My ears almost fell off when I heard that - I couldn't believe anyone could be that cruel.

Don't be one of those fathers, Stephen.

unique_stephen said...

It's not evil - but I think it should compose a bit less than 85% of the food volume consumed by a toddler over the course of a week.
Have not fear - she gets to eat all the good kid stuff, just after she has finished her meal.