Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nephila plumipes

Say G'Day to Nephila, also called the Golden Orb. She has lovley yellow knees and a beautiful golden orb web that is truly huge - this one had a web stretched out between two neighbouring town houses which is strong enough to catch an unwary bird, let alone a bug. I generally let them be but this one had to be evicted after I walked into the web when taking the garbage out one night. They have a creepy creepy way of walking and descending down on a web that gives me shivers to watch.


Leesha said...

It gives me shivers just imagining getting close enough to take a photo!

babyoog said...

Wow. Beautiful, yet, as always, deeply disturbing.

Marika said...

AUGH. Way too big a spider. Waaaay too big.

Gosh you're good to let them be. I'd be out there with the Mortein quicker than...well, something very quick.

unique_stephen said...

wait a few days for my post on readbacks :-)

caitlin said...

are they venomous? just wondering.

unique_stephen said...

venomous ? - yes,
dangerous to humans, no