Saturday, May 03, 2008

Balloon Flight

One of the cool thing about having friends that do interesting stuff is that sometimes they drag you along for the ride. Last thing last night Sean gave me a ring and said they were a passenger down for the flight scheduled for the next day - did I want to come? Um sure, hold on let me rearrange baby duties for the morning - rang mother in law, pleaded - rang Sean - yep, all sorted. One of the down sides of being a hot air balloon pilot is the 04:30 starts.
05:30 we meet up at Parramatta Park. Sean consulted the met, made some decisions regarding take-off locations and landing locations based on wind speed and direction then we jumped in the minibus with the crew and 16 0r so punters and headed out to the launch location just south west of Penrith.
Every few years I get to fly with Sean at some event or another. Before I got married I regularly tagged along and crewed for him at events in Canowindra or Midura - crazy times.
This flight was more sedate than those in his smaller competition balloon. But lovley none the less. It is an amazing way to experience the world.

Thanks Sean

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