Monday, May 26, 2008


What is it about Ikea that makes it so soul destroying?

We lost a second weekend in a row to the search for, portage of, and consequent construction of:

2 Pine beds
2 Under bed storage boxes
1 Pine bookcase
4 Sets of draws
2 Large cabinets
1 Squat cabinet
2 Rugs (to match the bedding)
2 Stripy animal pattern sets of sheets
2 Stripy animal pattern doner covers
2 Stripy animal pattern pillow covers
2 Stripy animal pattern cushions

On the plus side the kids love their new beds and have heaps more room and I now have a cool new power tool to put Ikea furniture together


Mark Lawrence said...

This is the first time I've heard of an Alan Key called a power tool...

didn't you catch the DIY bug from all that Ikea-goodness?

unique_stephen said...

Hi Mark,

After getting a sore wrist I splashed out on a cordless drill and an allen key attachment - faster much.

And no, I seem to be imune to the DIY bug, thank goodness.