Monday, May 19, 2008

Mac Update

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-- you mac ppl are cultists --

installed Firefox because Safarie is... well its not Firefox.
MacBook Pro
I've got iCal syncing with my google calendar via GCALDaemon - it's not perfect as there is still some issues with leapoard but it does sync both ways (it just doesn't delete).

I've got in under the hood and remapped the keyboard so that the common windows shortcuts still work, home, end, ctrl + c, ctrl + v and a few others.

My phone (Nokia 6110) is sycing via blue tooth with iCal and my address book.

The MS Office apps are working fine, as is Windows and Ubuntu linux via parallels (yes, I know VMware is betterbut s is better than nothing and that was the choice, it's a work machine init.

For password management I found a version of KeePass (KeePassX) that runs fine.

I'm still looking for a good LAMP type development toolkit.

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