Sunday, January 25, 2009


On holidays again
down the south coast at my mum and dads place.

I haven't been posting enough for you to miss me but I'll post soem picks soon so you know what you are missing out on by not living here.

Happy Australia day for tomorrow everybody - I'll be spending mine on the beach.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holiday Peachy. Good times with family for sure.
Happy Australia Day to you!

xl said...

Happy Aussie Day, mate.

unique_stephen said...

had a great day down the beach.

Going fishing now

Laura said...

I'm missing giant spiders. I'm good.

De Campo said...

Happy Australia Day indeed. I will be spending mine watching Australian Open riots and random nudity replays.

No, seriously, I LOVE Australia Day!

Memphis Steve said...

Happy Australia Day to you, too, and thanks for always reminding me of all that I am missing by not living there. One day I will get myself down there and annoy the hell out of you by constantly saying "that's not how we do it in America."

Spiky Zora Jones said...

sweetie: I love the are so lucky. babe...just makes me envy you even more. hehehe.

sweetie...are there sharks in the water...because I don't want to even put a toe in if there are.

Have fun. :D
Ciao babe.

unique_stephen said...

Laura > in helping mum clean out some rubbish from the garage I found a massive huntsman (A large local fuckyou spider) skin. I put it on my shoulder and casually walked up to mum and dad and chatted about such and such. Mum recognised it as a skin straight away and said "you bugger" but dad (a bit deaf) missed what she said then suddenly pulled a face and said "shit mate, don't move fast- you've got a spider sidding on your shoulder that looks big enough to eat yer 'oll fucking head"

De Campo - you should be here - if you like it hot.

Steve > don't talk, do.
got a bed for you here when you drop by.

Spiky > I love the white pointers. Poke you're eyes out they do.