Monday, January 12, 2009

Anyone care for a swim ?

The water's a bit nippy tho

and this

and another


Anonymous said...

Could we fish instead of swim?
And maybe use explosives? :0

unique_stephen said...

like banging in the water?

Anonymous said...

Like Jaws...what a great movie!
We'll have to get Richard Dreyfus though...and a big harpoon...

phishez said...

No shit! Its the time of year when sharks migrate.

Its like seasonal bushfires and floods. It just is, you can't fight it.

xl said...

Sort of nature's way of telling us where we fit into the scheme of things.

unique_stephen said...

Sweet Cheeks > Don't know that I'd do Richard. But if you waned to make it a threesome how about John Clease?

Phishez > see my next post.

XL > Neatly between lunch and dinner by the looks.

Memphis Steve said...

You know, one of the things I've noticed about Australians versus Americans is that when a shark grabs an American, we respond like the nude woman in the opening sequence of Jaws - we flail and scream like a three year old girl and then we die. Australians do it a bit differently. You guys scream "SHARK" and then start beating the living hell out of the damn thing. And the scream is apparently simply to inform any other Australians that a shark is present so that they can swim over and join in the 'shark attack'. You see, in America, we so revere being a victim that we don't want to escape or share the experience with anyone. You guys, you pile into the water just to play "stacks on" with a great white and put the fear of Aussie surfers into it. Sharks are terrified of Aussies. Studies have proven this to be true. Most shark attacks down under are apparently the result of the shark seeing a surf board and panicking, like a caged animal (They determined this by measuring the amount of pee in the water near a shark attack and finding that in Australia, most of the pee came from the shark.) In the States, sharks see an American swimmer and think "Whopper with cheese." And all the pee is ours.