Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Aussie can you get?

Australia, under our last leader took a strong stance on 'boat people', economic migrants and refugees who attempt the dangerous sea crossing from Asia to Australia in barely seaworthy craft. We have locked these people away in island detention centers or out in the deserts. Labeled them 'queue jumpers', devastated their lives and chit chatted about their predicament on talk back radio for years. These two guys however deserve admiration and respect - what could be more Aussie than sailing here - in an esky.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

What an adventure. I hope they were able to keep a diary...oops, guys keep journals.

What fortunate guys thay are.

You know the next thing is a book deal. Then the movie deal comes not long afterwards.

NOW...that's the American way.

hey I can come up with a screen play in a matter of a few days...woo! I better get started so my agent has something to work with.

I'll change it to two women...out at sea.

It's Hollywood baby...hehehe

Ciao sweetie.

Memphis Steve said...

You mean if I sneak in and can't get citizenship they'll stick me in a detention camp? Dammit. I was hoping they'd give me a license, right to vote, health insurance, and a job like we do with our illegal immigrants in the United States. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I'll figure something out eventually.

xl said...

Hey, since you have that nice new big home, will you adopt me? Please. That will save me from trying to navigate my Esky past the bitey sharks.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(Sorry, my deleted post...typos...)

Man, some people will do anything to get into Australia...
Off topic...
I heard on the news some guy was running around Australia breaking into porn shops and stealing blow up sex dolls. They say he went into the alley to do his 'business' and then through them away....Do you think that was Fingers?

Anonymous said...

Threw, not through.
Damn it to hell!

unique_stephen said...

Spiky > I assume you would have one of the leads but who would play the other part?

Memphis > sright - no queue jumpers here mate.

XL > if you don't mind the hot steamy nudity I could put you up in the sauna. (Why in a temperate climate it has a sauna is beyond me)

Sweet > Tnks for the deleted messages, made me smile.