Monday, July 27, 2009

Aberrations Abbreviations:

What is normal play for you?
I'd be thinking that:

CG / RCG / DS / Mish / Spooning
DATY / DATO / Teabag
light BDS&M, toys
occasionally GS

are all the more or less normal behaviors in an established couple

Would you add anything?


Kitty said...


unique_stephen said...


xl said...


Ute said...


De Campo said...

I’m obviously in the wrong sort of relationships.

ksm said...

Geez, I had to look most of those up.

unique_stephen said...

XL > clearly

Ute > Have to be careful at a BBQ - not to cook the wrong sausage

DeBC > I thought your tastes woudl be more eclectic.

KSM > Well, at least I know you share my dirty mind.

Anonymous said...

Is that all in one session?
...crosses fingers and hopes....

Creepy said...

WTF? I must be really out of it, I don't know what half of those stand for!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

steve honey, will you be giving a class on this. And can you show me what teabag is. :)
ciao sweetie.

Ms Smack said...

heheh @ teabag.

xl said...

PS: Luckily there's Urban Dictionary for a couple of these.

wv: messess

unique_stephen said...

Jen > for the best ?
Creepy > Thought they were more or less in common usage.
SZJ > Sure, open wide.
Smack > I know you love it girl
XML > lots and lots of messess

Anonymous said...

For the very best!!

Memphis Steve said...

Spiky wants to be teabagged?

EmmaK said...

I prefer my teabags dunked in hot water with a nice chocolate biscuit (!) but I am british you know.

EmmaK said...

Also I laughed when a guy said to me do I like ATM and I thought why does he want to know whether I like ATM machines ??....then i found out what it meant. Is that your bag then? With Luba I mean?

unique_stephen said...

Memphis > I like a bit of cookie with my tea.
Emma > I like mine in mixed company - it's a sharing / social thing.
ATM = At The Moment - no?