Monday, July 20, 2009

Stuffed Stuff

Manufactures that build crap stff shit me.
Too often something that needs to be glued and screwed is simply glued, screwed when it needs to be bolted, bolted when it needs to be welded whit reinforced flanges. When a trailer axle should be reinforced 50mm box sectioned 5mm steel bar why does the manufacturer think a bit of gal fence pipe will do.
Caribee build crap camping chairs that fall apart dangerously.
Don't buy Caribee kingmaker folding chairs.

Crap Caribee camping chair
I just had to fix two of them the weekend. They have had a very normal life and have not been mistreated. Used sparingly for the last 3 years they both fell apart identically over the weekend when we set them up for the adults at our 3 year olds birthday party.
The folding pipe work is attached to the feet by way of a simple screw - like that's ever going to hold.
I drilled out the plastic a bit and used a bolt and nyloc nut and finished it off with the angle angel ankle grinder. Which is how Caribee should have built them in the first place. I wish people would have enough pried to engineer something so that it was fit for its purpose. A folding camping chair that fails could just mean you have to sit on the esky, or it could end up with a severed femoral artery as a result of an impaled leg.

The workbench: P7190087


xl said...

Looks like a good fix.

Here, lawyers would likely get involved: law suits, product safety recall, etc. Are things that litigious in Oz?

Was the product made in China?

Ute said...

EVERYTHING is made in china... cheap ass shit that breaks if you merely look at it.

so, you're a bit of a handy man then, are you? i like blokes who can fix shit... do you have a special tool belt? =D

unique_stephen said...

XL > I keep hearing that we are becoming like the states as far as litigation goes but I don't see it as part of the culture. And yes, it was made in China - ow did you guess.
I try very hard not to by stuff made there.

Ute > I can't think of a single Chinese made product that I own that I think much of. I deliberately avoid toys and gear made there.

unique_stephen said...

Ute > oh, and I'm not very talented as a tool man but I do like to pretend. I'm slowly learning the tradeie type skills.

unique_stephen said...

xl said...

Good move in not buying China-made toys.

I will not buy any of their food products. I try to avoid any of their manufactured stuff, but that's becoming increasingly difficult. Shoddy and dangerous.

Re pix: Now that's a shop accessory!!!

babyoog said...

I'm so jealous that you're handy like that. I am actively afraid of power tools. By the way, I moved:

unique_stephen said...

Good to see to again Anne. I'm more dangerous than handy whit the tools.

Fusion said...

I a pretty good handyman. But all you need is a proper workbench Stephen ;)
Good job on the repairs, sad we all have to do that so much these days...

Ms Smack said...

I think handymen are DEAD SEXY, BABY!

If you were single, I'd ask you to leave that tool belt on and show me the screws on your workbench!

unique_stephen said...

Fuse > I'll get to work on the workbench mate.

Smack > When next your in Sydney I can show you my powered screwdriver.

Ms Smack said...

*booking tickets!*

B said...

it riles me too.

Now, if you collapse, it can be your fault. That's better, eh?

I'm glad you mentioned the esky. I made that word up in scrabble the other day and was surprised it was accepted. Now I'm a bit closer to knowing what it is. ;)