Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I like pie.
I like chicken pie with roast chicken, peas and other goodness.
I like steak and read wine pie.
I like steak and mushroom pie (with onion and tomato rings under the lid).
I like steak and kidney pie.

A good pie has chunks of meat and thick gravy, lots of herbs and mmmmm. The crust is thick enough not to go soggy and firm enough to hold together when you've eaten half of it. The gravy should be thick enough to not slop out when you cut it. No gristle please, no hoof just good homely chunky meat.

What a pie is not:

Vegetarian: might be a pastie but it aint a pie.

A pie is not mince, sorry 'munce': You Kiwis can take you soupy bolognese and carrot chunks but if you want to be taken for anything more than sheep shagging wannabes learn yourselves ow to make a decent pie.

And you - our cousins across the big pond, still in the dark ages with respect to measurement. How do you evah expect to be taken seriously when your very definition of self - As American as WHAT???? is a traversty. Take note please: It is not sprinkled with sugar, it does not contain fruit, corn syrup, custard etc.

Those are deserts, pastries perhaps but stretch the definition of pie into the absurd.

MLP on the other hand can feel free to convince me otherwise.


Ute said...

have you ever tried Villi's gourmet chicken pie? *swoons*
it is to DIE for!!

MLP.... i am really missing "Weeds", i can't see Channel 9 bringing it back.. they suck. =(

xl said...

Those are meat pies!

A pie is what MLP is serving! A cherry pie judging from the ingredients on the counter. Cherry and mince are my favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas pies!

We have an Aussie meat pie shop. It is the hangout for local Aussie ex-pats on Aussie Day.

I enjoyed meat pies on my last trip to Oz. Planning the same in December! Care to impress me with one at lunch one day?

What about meat pie floaters? Pro or Con?

Kitty said...

i like hairy pie. and mlp.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh steve babe...i could just eat that mary louise pie all day and night. I want to spank her too.

sweetie...Americans have pie. I take it with me every where so when I'm in Oz...

Do you like muffins?

xxx later baby.

Keiran said...

Shades of JD circa 1991 in that MLP photo