Thursday, March 24, 2011

What - NZ Beats Us !*&%!#$

Beaten by NZ where it counts - that hurts.


Ute said...

Heh, I saw this the other day... but isn't it what you can do with it? And not the size of it?

So I'm told.

xl said...

Seems like the Kiwis should refer to Oz as "Up Over!"

Bambam said...

Did you notice all the countries that average over 6 inches are "self-reported" hahahaha.

unique_stephen said...

Ute > I tender it's not even what but with home and how often and in how many different ways.

XL > Myst be some happy sheep over there is all I can say.

Bambam > Way back in my uni days there was a skinny little bloke at a party that was pestered to get his cock out so we cold all be amazed. It was just longer than a 30cm ruler and not much thinner than a bear can.
The prick

Memphis Steve said...

Hey, something is wrong here! They show Mexico as having bigger dicks than America and that just ain't so. Ask any white or black woman who tried to get with a Mexican man and they'll tell you, its not just the Mexican men that are short. It's every part of them, too.

Keiran said...

I protest. Sheep are not well known for their accurate measurement skills.