Friday, August 01, 2008

60 Minutes

This weekend make sure you catch 60 Minutes.
See Sean fly into a tree


Video and story


Sean said...

Hmmm, tree. Tastes so good. The flight was nothing compared to the landing :)

Em said...

Australian 60 minutes?

unique_stephen said...

I'll post a link to the vid after the program.

Memphis Steve said...

Where do I get me one of them there wingsuits? If I had that I wouldn't have to pay a fortune to Qantas to bring me to Australia. Hell, if I had that I wouldn't need to finish this passport paperwork!

You guys really know how to live.

Mark Lawrence said...

Hmm, okay, I'm missing something here. What's the connection between Sean and you, Steve? I kinda thought you are brothers, but I notice different surnames... then again, the net is full of pseudonyms.

I've noticed a bit of a trend on ballooning here, but you know the new Macbook is going to get the gurnsey than a balloon ride.

Then again, that balloon ride looked like a real hoot. Nice landing btw, Sean.

Have you thought of throwing an anchor out of the basket? It could have hooked the tree. Oh, and ripped the basket in half, I guess.

unique_stephen said...

We went to school together, he was my best man and is my best mate. We have shared... well this is a family blog, so I wont say. But a great deal at any rate. He is an amazing guy.

Leesha said...

This was on NZ 60 minutes last night (we get some decent stories over here) and I was yelling at the TV "thats Steves friend!".
Hamish thought I was weird...