Monday, August 25, 2008


... are always a rush.
Generally I tumble out of bed soon after 6 and get Annalise up dressed and fed ready for gymnastics.
Where she runs around pretending to be a fairy. Then we're in the car back home to pick up Alex and Adrian and continue on to swimming. Annalise is almost able to get her head out of the water by herself and Adrian and I go in together in what is more a class to teach them to close their mouths and not breath. He like it at any rate. Alex usually powers out her k in the outside lap pool.
Then we usually head back home, lunch, head out shopping for the week and finally return home in the late afternoon if we didn't already have something else on. In the mean time we have squeezed in several loads of washing and tried to attend to any house stuff we need to. Obviously we also try to fit in some real estate viewing where we can.
I do love a beer Saturday night.


Fusion said...

Steve, you and your wife must be so proud, you have such cute kids! And I love the name Annalise.

No beer for me though, give me a nice merlot...

Memphis Steve said...

Real estate? You moving or just becoming a mogul?

LauraDanielleDotN said...

I like the underwater pictures. Where do you go for swim classes? Excuse my global ignorance, but are there YMCAs in Australia?

Anonymous said...

I hope you at least get a little sleep in and some rest on Sunday.

unique_stephen said...

2D + 3T → 4He - A big woody Merlot is more of a cheese and stake vice. Summer arvo on the veranda sort of thing. I'm sure all parents think their kids are cute, except when they won't eat the vegetables you just cooked them. Kids who won't eat their vegies are never cute.

Memphis - We are chasing the 4 bedroom quarter acre flat block Australian dream in suburbia. We need a garden. The townhouse is just not cutting it.

Laura - Your American, ergo you are globally ignorant. So I wont hold it against you. Yes we do have YMCAs here, but they are co-ed and not Christian so I'm not sure what the label means now. Annalise does indeed go to gym at the local 'Y', along with a bunch of future olympians, it is a very serious gym. We just play. As for the swimming, we go the the uni gym almost next door to our house (I have a huge commute, sometimes it takes as long as 5 minutes). The photos are with our new Olympus which is waterproof.

Jen - never seems to happen.

Anonymous said...

Those underwater pics are bloody awesome!

1/4 acre??? Does such a thing still exist in Sydney these days? ;)
Good luck though.. know how hard it is searching for that needle in the haystack.

unique_stephen said...

With the baby boomers retiring there is a surprising quantity of 'cheep' houses coming onto the market.
850+ m2 5 bedroom -/+ study, DbLUG, under house, storage, nice kitchen, 2/3 Bath, flat block for around 800K