Thursday, August 14, 2008

I had a boy look for the fire-extinguisher

Steve the fireman
There was a fire in a bin immediately outside my window.
Smoke Billowing
Bystanders gawking
Headless of my own safety I gallantly sprang into action and ...
checked the kitchen...
checked the hallway...
asked my colleagues - 'um, where is the fire-extinguisher?"
'[giggles] Anhh, it's right beside you'. Oh, yeah, right at my knee*.
So, where were we.. Grabbing the fire-extinguisher I ran out the door and
bloody pin how do you pull it out?
and finally, heroically, blasted ash all over the place. Now my cloths stink of ash and burnt plastic.

I think we have the photos up on the internet before Security even arrive.

Steve the fireman

Yes, I know I need a hair cut.

* actually outside my office that I must have walked past hundreds of times.


Fusion said...

You da MAN Stephen...

Now about your fixation on starting fires to make yourself look good...

Mark Lawrence said...

my hero!

where I am, I would have to walk clear across the open plan office to get to the extinguisher – mounted right next to the photocopier, the thing voted most likely to catch fire. After the sandwich maker/ toaster thingy.

There isn't one outside the kitchen, way across from the photocopier.

LauraDanielleDotN said...

Please add firefighter to your list of past professions.

Now, I'm off to find the nearest fire extinguisher in my office.
And maybe buy one for my apartment.

Memphis Steve said...

Yay! Like a fearless computer-generated hero! I have no idea where the fire extinguishers are around here. Perhaps I should go find out?

Em said...

You're a hero. :-)

Mike Bogle said...

Amazing how most people will just sit and stare at something like that rather than actually doing something about it eh? Nice one :)

xl said...

Hey, the second pix would be a good one for your profile shot. U_S, Man Of Action!

unique_stephen said...

Fusion - well, there was that grass fire at the Scout jamboree that may or may not have started close to the 1st Kissingpoint tents.

Mark - I have since noticed that there is another directly in my line of sight if I look at my monitor.

Laura - I'll put it right in between Revivalist and stripper along side Geologist and Sandwich hand

Steve - Do I get a laura croft uniform

Em - I know - did you know they are making a show about, i get all these cool powers, like the ability to boar people to death talking about science and blogging.

Mike - Disturbingly so. I suspect there is a cultural thing with the students too. it's just easier if it is someone else's problem

Xl- The pick of the gheeky kid that was teased at school not doing it for you. I love that pick - such a long time ago.

phishez said...

You big manly man you!

Anonymous said...

Very macho. And the boy look for the fire extinquisher was a very manly touch.