Friday, February 13, 2009

Buy house - Sell house

If all goes to plan we should exchange today on our old (current) house.
We have already exchanged on our new house.
Then we will have to pack move unpack etc.
Going to take a lot of time


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oooo...yeah. Good for you. Yep it takes a while to transport all your stuff from one house to another...that's what we do.

We get lots of stuff...then we buy a bigger buy more.

Hope it's nice and easy packing.

Ciao hon.

Anonymous said...

Moving sucks arse, but it's sooo worth it when you're in your own home.

xl said...

Is "exchange" when you sign the giant stack of legal and financial papers? That's called "closing" here.

Congrats on the house upgrade.

De Campo said...

I think I like "exchange" over "closing". I’m going to be fluent in Aussie in no time.

May the exchange go well!

Memphis Steve said...

Wait, what? I don't understand. I thought you had already moved out of one place and into another .... wait, all you had said was you BOUGHT a new house. My bad. I thought you had moved already. Well, congratulations! If I come to Sydney can I sleep on your couch in your new awesome house? Will you teach me to surf? Think of all the trouble we could get into!

unique_stephen said...

nah - we had put out money down on another place - now somebody has paid their deposit on ours.
Now all we have to do is:
- settle
- pack
- do the floors in the new place
- paint the new place
- finish packing
- move
- unpack
- change the garage door in the new place so our car fits.

not much

Memphis Steve said...

Moving is such fun. For masochists.

Fusion said...

I remember painting all the rooms, putting in three ceiling fans, a garbage disposal, garage door opener, and a couple cabinets before moving into our new home, and it was brand new. Sheesh...
Have fun moving. Not.