Monday, February 09, 2009

Fires 09

(images nicked from The Australian and SMH)

As the headlines of the trashy newspapers proclaimed, over the weekend our state was the hottest place on the planet. Further to our south they have been putting up with the heat longer. Victoria, in the south eastern corner of the continent has been blasted by the same desert winds that torched the Australian Open for the last few weeks. The bush down there is dry, as dry as it has ever been. Predictably people have taken it upon themselves to light fires.
The result: The hospitals are overflowing with burns victims. Over 100 people have died, Whole families perished in their vehicles. Everyday homeowners incinerated in their back yards, engulfed by the fireball as they desperately tried to save their homes with garden hoses. In the bath and shower under wet blankets huddled with their children and their neighbors children whilst their homes burnt down around them or simply dead where they fell lying in the middle of the street.
I want the people who start these fires to live with the vision of a family desperately driving down a bush road having left their home to burn, perhaps clutching a few photos or favorite toy. Visibility getting worse and leaves and fire raining down from above, the road turns and suddenly the fire is all about. There is no where to go. The incredible heat not even giving them time to time to try and lie low in their car like we are taught at school. How do you save your kids from that?

As of this morning over 100 people have died.

Many hundreds of homes have been lost.

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xl said...

Have been following the horrific story. Hope you guys are safe.

De Campo said...

What a travesty. I thought that these had all been “natural” brush fires. It’s sickening and I hope they catch the firebugs responsible.

I’m sorry but I have to ask…..

Please tell me Nicole Kidman lives in the affected area.

unique_stephen said...

XL > We are about 1000K from these fires, but there are others that are closer. Living on teh edge of the bush we keep one eye on the weather.

DCBC > Many have been started by lightening but others by heartless murderous imbeciles.
Nic now lives in Nashville - raising the IQ of both our countries.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Peachy. What a horrible tragedy!

Ms Smack said...


Memphis Steve said...

Sometimes pure stupidity can have overwhelmingly disastrous consequences, no matter what the intentions. And active evil, well, this is why it can't tolerated. But what punishment fits this crime? What could be done to someone who caused this horror on purpose? I suppose if we could find them, we should throw them into their own fire and leave them to burn like their victims. And if it was out of pure stupidity that they lit these fires, well, I don't know that I'd do them any differently.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

sweetie, this really makes me sad. I find it imposiible to feel all that those effected by the fire must feel.

it's just so sad and the images...make me even sadder.

Ciao honey.