Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wed 18 Feb 2008 10:46

It's raining.
Started learning Python.


xl said...

Does Python have a goto statement?

Fusion said...

Hope the new place has flood insurance...

De Campo said...

I once had a Iroquois Indian platoon sergeant that claimed he could make it rain by drawing a turtle on the ground, spitting on it, and screaming “Buddha has no balls!”

May I suggest doing the above in reverse? It couldn’t hurt. Could it?

unique_stephen said...

xl > fortunately - no such abomination exists in python. unfortunately it is not c based syntax tho so there is no:


and no neat ternary operator:
(a > b) ? a : b

But it does have try catch error handling which for a scriped language is excellent

Fusion > Yep - and no crocks

De Campo > Is it important what type of turtle you draw? could it be a tortoise?, and do I have to yell "Buddha has balls"?

Memphis Steve said...

Python?! Augh! You've gone over to the Dark Side!

I did C and Unix for eternity. Then one day I looked around and saw no jobs anywhere in Memphis for those skills. They forced me to submit to the Microsoft regime and now I'm a Dot-Nethead. You SURE you don't need any more employees over there with my skillset?

Python. The only Python I like begins with 'Monty'.

Memphis Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memphis Steve said...

Sorry for the deletion I thought confusing Victoria and Queensland was too shameful of a geographical error, even for an American.

So, now I'm Googling news stories about this flooding and what's going on in NSW right now.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Like in Monty Python?
I'm learning Hill, like in Benny Hill. It's the same kind of Brit comedy isn't it?, never mind.

Try to stay dry sweetie.

ciao babe.

unique_stephen said...

Memphis > Don't worry mate, I'm still struggeling with C# via the auspice of 'mono'
Python indecently was named after the comedy team.
We do do a little micro$oft stuff, some desktop tools, but all out web apps are LAMP of some verity.
I've not been a code monkey for ages.
We had a lot of rain here but nothing like further up the coast. No crocks in the street here. Just sharks in the harbor and at the beaches.
Spiky > Du na ner ner ner dit dit liddle liddle dit. Ah Benny - from the days before PC

Anonymous said...

Damn those sharks Peachy...

From one extreme to the other for safe my friend.

You said Code Monkey...[snort]

Memphis Steve said...

I suppose with so many sharks in the harbor, it's probably good that you don't have the sort of flooding they've had further north. Otherwise, you'd have sharks in the streets.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

ha...that was funny, gotta love that Brit humor. Though most Americans don't get it. I used to watch Absolutely fabulous religiously.

Oh and sharks...remember if you feel the need to go in the water...wear a clown outfit.

Sharks don't eat clowns...cause they taste funny. :D

Mark Lawrence said...

And here I was thinking it was Monty… until I read the label/tag for the post. Pity. Never mind.

BTW, you've been quiet. Are you packing and moving?

Memphis Steve said...

OK, this VBA crap is making me crazy. And Windows, Windows is making me crazy, too. Why does everything take 5 minutes to respond when I click on it? Do anyone know how much time we lose each day waiting for the computer to respond after we click and tell it what to do? I'd like to see a study on that. I'll bet I spend an hour a day waiting for the stupid computer to just do what I tell it to do. Are we really sure that computers make things faster? I'm thinking they make things sit and wait a lot and that's about all. But with pretty graphics to hypnotize and distract us so that we don't realize how much of our lives it is wasting. Can you imagine if pens and pencils took as long to respond as some of the applications we use on the computer? No one would tolerate that. That's why they came up with the stupid hourglass icon, because without some shiny distraction, people would realize we are being screwed and toss our computers in the trash.

xl said...

@ Memphis' "Windows." There's your problem.


unique_stephen said...

If you don't want to crawl about in the dust and toe nail clippings beneath someones desk with your but crack showing and then sit and watch little blue lines grow across the screen then what are you doing in IT?