Monday, February 02, 2009


I thought non-Aussies would do a double take on this one - Photo of the meat counter in an everyday big brand supermarket here, nothing special.


xl said...

Why? We have Corned Beef, too!

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Memphis Steve said...

Yep, we don't exactly have a kangaroo section in our meat counters of our supermarkets. If we did I'm sure some political organization out of California would have a gigantic fit and pressure Congress to outlaw it. And then, for reasons I don't fully understand, all the other English-speaking nations of the world would decide that this seemed a good idea and follow suit. And then you'd have no more kangaroo sandwiches.

Sometimes I think America is a big pain in the ass to all the other good Western civilizations of the world. And then I remember that it's a big pain in the ass to most Americans, too.

One of these days, when I get over there, I need to try some barbequed kangaroo and real Australian beer.

xl said...

PS: I had kangaroo tail soup when in Sydney. At least that's what they said it was.

Mark Lawrence said...

Hmm, you guys get more roo on your shelves than we do. At least compared to my local W**lies.

What about the croc?

Anonymous said...

I admit, I'm surprised. I thought you just let them hop about all over your country...What do they taste like?

unique_stephen said...

XL > What would you yanks do without corn syrup.

Memphis > I'd be more than pleased to burn a few roo steaks for you.

XL > So long as it is rare to m. rare. It is so lean that if you overdo it you may as well be serving rocks.

Mark > There's a local butcher that does croc sausages but I can't get steaks here. I like it but prefer wild caught - farmed just tastes like fishy chicken because of the chicken diet - tastes fowl.

Sweet > Like a very lean grass feed beef. But it has to be lightly cooked. If you overdo it it is so tough you could retread your tires with it.

phishez said...

Fucking pests. Damn good thing they taste so good and make lovely gloves!