Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Australia Burning

Well, my thoughts go out to Mike and others living in the mountains. The whole damn country is burning at the moment. From where I sit the column of smoke rising kilometers above the central mountains is occasionally visible through breaks in the haze and the world is bathed in an weird orange light. Eucalyptus smoke fills the air and a stiff hot wind does little to cool the 38° air and a fine gray ash rains like mercy from heaven.
I look forward to walking down in the Blue Gum Forrest when the park is opened up again, it will, I imagine be a surreal experience.

The CSIRO has an online tool, sentinel, which you can use to zoom in on hot spots anywhere in Australia. I's a little slow with all the voyeurs like me zooming in on black heath rooftops so I have captured a few screen grabs of the fire. Sydney is just to the east (right).

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Leesha said...

And this is the sort of welcome I get when I decide to come home for Christmas.....

Mike Bogle said...

We're still hanging in there - conditions last night and this morning are heaps better than yesterday, and the firey's are saying it will aid their efforts immensely. So keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks for pointing out this tool - I'm going to have another look now.

jennifer_starfall said...

wow. i hope everyone is okay. do people live near those areas?

unique_stephen said...

Heaps of ppl live there. They are the outermost suburbs of Sydney