Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tails from the Anatomy Inspector

I was awed by the job title, but it seams that there is such a thing as an "Anatomy Inspector".

Do you think that it comes with an official looking badge and a car with sirens and lights?
The puerile schoolboy within imagines the scenario thus:

inspector: *cough - hu ummm*
inspector: (authoritatively) "excuse me miss"
miss: (perplexed) "yes, can I help you?"
inspector: (authoritatively) "yes - I am the state anatomy inspector and it is required that you submit your anatomy to me for inspection"
miss: (disbelief) "ahh, right, just stay there - I'm calling the cops"
inspector: (flashes badge) "That won't be necessary, I believe that you will find everything in order,"
miss: (starts to undress) "well, ... ok then"
inspector: *cough - hu ummm*
inspector: (embarrassed) "not, ah, your anatomy - the specimens - the ones in the fridge over there marked toes"
miss: (giggles) "thank goodness, I thought you meant"
inspector: (interrupts) "happens all the time"


Mark said...

Nice. Very nice.

I can also imagine the final year surgery/anatomy students:

"Is that a digit in your pocket, or are you…"

*screams of exasperation heard off stage*

And the Inspector Digit gags.

Marika said...

I like an active imagination!

When I was in my clubbing hey-day, I had a very dodgy pick up line used on me once: "I'm from Myer and we're doing a national recall on womens underwear. Would you please follow me for an inspection. Please miss, it's for your own safety."

LauraDanielleDotN said...

I like your job description better...