Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A brief history of the Australian Liberal Party

The Liberals are the Australian conservative party - slightly to the right of Milton Friedman (think Augusto Pinochet if you don't know your economists). Regardless, this is an instant classic.


LauraDanielleDotN said...

Even though I have no connection to that at all...I found it funny and interesting. Who is the narrator? Was he defeated in an election?

unique_stephen said...

The presenter is Dr John Hewson, onetime leader of the Australian National Liberal Party. The Libs are the main Australian right wing - conservative party and are presently in power (8 years). Hewson is (in)famous for loosing the "un-losable" election. Like many liberal leaders, after they leave politics they move to the left and become critical of their parties stance on issues of social justice (Malcolm Fraser for example).
The intro refers to And-droopy-cock was another liberal leader who lost elections (and one time ambassador to the US).
Harold Holt drowned
Malcolm Fraser lost his trousers
Sonia Rachel Hopkins was a stunning cradle snatch. It gos on - I have to go to tea now but for the record:

* John Howard since 1995 (Prime Minister since 1996)
* Alexander Downer 1994-1995
* Dr John Hewson 1990-1994
* Andrew Peacock 1989-1990
* John Howard 1985-1989
* Andrew Peacock 1983-1985
* Malcolm Fraser 1975-1983 (Prime Minister 1975-83)
* Billy Snedden 1972-1975
* William McMahon 1971-1972 (Prime Minister 1971-72)
* John Gorton 1968-1971 (Prime Minister 1968-71)
* Harold Holt 1966-1967 (Prime Minister 1966-67)
* Robert Menzies 1945-1966 (Prime Minister 1949-66)