Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm a manager.
I think that means that I'm not supposed to stuff up the little things - like paper work.
On that front I've never had much luck - or rather never had the perseverance and level of care to get the attention to the fickle detail right. Which led to the following email from the Executive Officer in the section of the uni I work in:

"I've had a look at the leave forms and apart from sighing heavily, the alternative would appear to be banning you from ever filling in another one.
However that would just be encouraging you, so can you let me know when you'll be free and I'll come up and visit you in the hope of getting this sorted out nicely?

Many thanks

Head hung quietly in shame I await form filling 101 reeducation... again.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Admin people are a funny bunch really. They do incredibly important work don't get me wrong - the place would decay into mass chaos without them - but I've noticed they have a tendency to take paperwork a tad bit seriously sometimes. Why is it that a form seems to exist for everything?

Oh wait I'm probably meant to submit a "Request to disseminate a rhetorical query to the resident blogger" form for that.

babyoog said...

Oh my. Don't worry. You're not the only remedial filer in this bunch.