Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who are you?

Mining the stats

From whence you came.
You are probably Australian (49%) or American (21%) although I have 1 regular reader each in the UK (Hi Lachlan), Colombia (Hola Paula) and one in NZ (G'day Leesha). There are a smattering of people from other places, mostly Latin America (looking for pictures of boys in singlets) and Arabic nations (hello readers from Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, Cote Abidjan, D'Ivoire)

What I know about you.
You are a geek in that not only do you use Firefox 2 but you upgraded the day it came out.

How you get to me
There is a 50/50 split between return readers and first timers. Most of the return readers come back about every three days or so. Of the first timers about a third of you click through from another blog or via my blogger profile, presumably after reading one of my comments someplace. About one third of the non repeat visitors actually view more than one page.

Seek and ye shall find
Most of you find me through Google, either searching for images or for an odd assortment of girls in gumboots, handbag fetish, washing day analysis, boys in singlets, preeclampsia and the occasional scientific name for Australian native plants and animals. Some people come looking for help, for the person looking up "Installing fiberglass wool roof insulation", I hope you found something useful and please where long sleeves. For the person that came looking for "How to manipulate the hernia" - please see a doctor.
Most of the Arabic trafic started after I posted on Horrorism which after the birth photos is the most read post (14% of all traffic) but strangely, you didn't search for that post - you entered the blog directly on that page so the link is being passed around or I'm being monitored by right wing freekoids.
My fav strange search is "the theam of an enemy of thepeople" - where I rank number 5 for a post on jellyfish!!

You are reading more often but I am still, thankfully, a nobody.

I am the second highest search for emunctory, not bad for an excretory organ (in Latin it means to blow your nose)


Mike Bogle said...

I just love statistics. Not that mine are particularly high mind you. Blogs like Daily Kos receive hundreds of thousands of hits daily, and I'm lucky if I break 20. But it's quality not quantity that counts damnit!

unique_stephen said...

I kind of like the small comfortable readership. You are family and friends, or strangers that I know more about than my friends. I can make spelink mistakes and not be fussed by hatters and wierdos. And it is quality, no contest there.

Leesha said...

you mentioned me!!!!!
You like me, you really like me!!!

I'm honoured Stephen.
Happy 191 posts!

unique_stephen said...


lauradanielledotn said...

Nice data anaylsis...do you use Statcounter?

unique_stephen said...

I use sitemeter and mapstats but there are heaps of others.

Steve Boyd said...

one and a fraction regular readers from the UK, actually....