Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Go Check Out Sean's Blog

Sean has just finished competing in the 17th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship, Tochigi, Japan, 2006.
He normally does a bit better than he did this year (too much Saki?). No matter, he may not have finished in the money but it sounds like he had a blast. Go there and check out the photos in what has to be the worlds most photogenic sport (except for pole dancing).
Sean - can you arrange for a combination of the two?


Mark said...

I never thought of pole dancing as a sport.

But I also get the chills when I watch (yet another) action thriller fight scene atop a hot-air ballon.

Will your mate accommodate?

Mark said...

*Ahem*. I meant, I always get the chills.

Sean said...

Now Steve, you know Tem loves to pole dance and she was there. Unfortunately all photos have been censored by a wobbly finger that failed to take them....refer to Adams posts about the Yoga monster in Japan.