Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beer is to the Franks what wine is to the French, or is that Christ to the Catholics? Either way, should some monks want to set up a Trappist type monastery some place in Belgium. Pray to their god and make my beer... well who am I to complain.

Free* Leffe to the first that can tell me the odd one out in the photo above.

Thanks to the local bottle'o who have the foresight to sell Belgian beer by the case and thanks to Keiran for the excuse to sit and drink for hours.
Now if anybody knows where I can get a case of this or this I would be grateful

* I'm not sure you can post outside of Australia, or if you can even post it at all, so to collect your winnings you have to present yourself in my Kitchen. Offer expires 1 Jan 2007 or if I drink the case before then.


Mark Lawrence said...

The one on the left of the photo is actually an Australian beer, James Squire, I believe. The rest are imports. Also, I believe its an ale (being barley malt), as opposed to wheat beer, which I think most of the other ones are.

They look really nice, Stephen. How are the imports? I haven't tried those before.

BTW - I protest the unfair restriction on collecting the prize: I'm not making it anyway close to Sydney in the next month and a half!

unique_stephen said...

You are correct - one is local.

I also would have accepted that it (the Squires) was the only one that was not open.

Along with a small handful of Aussie beers such as "little creatures" the Belgian beers are simply awesome and well deserve their reputation.

All is not lost: you have two beer cafes down there in Mexico. Unfortunately, looking at the beer menu they may not have any Bush Amber which is a must - and at 12% alchamhole is the most alchamholic beer in the universe

babyoog said...

So many beers, so little time.

Mark Lawrence said...

Hmph. I wuz robbed.