Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I just observed a bloke trying to dry his hands using these dryers.
He was holding his hands underneath waving them around fruitlessly trying to get the little infrared sensor to detect his hands.
A - these are manual dryers. You have to press the button.
B - Automatic ones are useless at any rate as they never detect you hand when it is in the air flow - to get then to turn on you have to put your hand closer to the sensor, and inevitably that is not where the air is directed. The moment you move you hand into the airflow they stop.


the projectivist said...

i like paper towels.
imagine the multitudes of germs just waiting to leap onto your hands when you press the button.
if i have no choice but to use those driers then i have to do some careful maneuvering with my elbow to turn it on.
don't get me started on opening the door to get back out!

Bunny said...

I've never seen manual hand dryers before...I prefer paper towels anyway, they seem a lot more hygienic to me.

Nancy Savino said...

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unique_stephen said...

projectivist said > you know that you have an immune system right?

Bunny said > We are way advanced here

Nancy > do you rim? I've an opening for a girl who can rim.

Cat said...

I am of the mind set not to touch anything - including doors once I washed the hands - public places are filled with nasty germs - I am not a total wierdo though, it is just in public bathrooms I am!

Laura said...

No, I'm with projectivist on this one. We did a small study at my workplace and found that the air dryers are much less sanitary. We were trying to reduce our waste and get rid of paper towels... but I like not having Ebola or whatever else virus I might get in the bathroom.

xl said...

I have never encounter a hand drier that worked very well. I always carry a few paper towels in my pocket for that purpose. They are also useful to avoid touching the door handles. Public toilets, yuck.

Memphis Steve said...

It's good to know that not all the morons of the world are living in Memphis.

Ooh, word verification: dryedsts

Dryedsts - non-automated electric hand dryers used all at once by one person.

i.e. Stephen wanted to dry his hands extra fast, so he hit the buttons on all the hand dryers and dryedsts his hands at super speed.

fingers said...

Gee, would it be too much for all the concerned citizens of the world to have their own hand-towel at work ??
I do.
And I take it home every weekend and wash it.
On a rock...

Anonymous said...

I love these dryers. The least amount of touching the better. I do use my elbow to turn them on though. I have magical germ resistant elbows. I got them out of a cereal box. What a prize!

Bulldog said...

what's the point in washing your hands AFTER you've been to the toilet? wash 'em BEFORE, then you can dry them in your underwear, as you pull your trousers down.