Friday, November 28, 2008


Sinse yesterday morning I've been following what news there is on Mumbai. Various people trapped in hotels have been texting, and calling the outside world - connected by their mobiles. Everyday indians have been twittering and posting blogs of their expirences.
Annadon and Arun Shanbhag in particular have been posting from their homes on the same block as one of the hotels involved. Vinu has been posting photos on flickr.

Here is some of Arun Shanbhag latest blog post ..


November 26, 2008 by Arun Shanbhag

This morning as I saw smoke billowing from the windows of the Taj, I was composed!
When I heard about my friend’s brother being shot and encountered his wailing family, I was composed!
When I saw blood of the Leopold waiter pooled on the sidewalk with his tray still in the blood, I was composed!

But when I saw the dome of the Taj burning, my heart bleeds! It is all in knots!
I am overwhelmed! Finally tears, … in torrents!
NOW! I am … very, very sad!

I can’t do this!
I can’t watch this!
WIll the Taj be there when I wake up?
How can I sleep! I am scared to walk up to the terrace and look out!
Oh No!


Just got back from a short walk to see my friend. His brother was killed by the terrorists last night. The terrorists started shooting inside/outside the Leopold Cafe;


After the shooting, people started running inside the lane (Nowroji Lane). Just past the Leopold is a row of shops which my friend and his family own.

A pool of blood in front of my barber shop.

Apparently, one of the waiters from the Leopold who was shot was running (with his round serving tray). He was shot in the head; He fell and died on the street right there. See the chalk circle by the feet of the guy on the extreme right? That is where the police found a bag filled with explosives.
That is where I go for a haircut every week.

Pool of blood of victim from Terrorist Killing Leopold Cafe Mumbai Blasts

This is so painful - but we should all see these pics and be MAD at the terrorists; Pool of blood of the waiter; He had rushed out of the Leopold with his serving tray, which is still in the pic.
Blood of victim from Terrorist Killing Leopold Cafe Mumbai Blasts

Pool of blood where another of the victims was shot; four or more victims were within a few feet of each other.
Blood of victim from Terrorist Killing Leopold Cafe Mumbai Blasts

More blood;
Blood of victim from Terrorist Killing Leopold Cafe Mumbai Blasts

One of the victim’s chappals still on the road.
Blood of victim from Terrorist Killing Leopold Cafe Mumbai Blasts

I went to visit my friend whose brother was killed in front of this store. On hearing the shots, customers rushed in, and so did his father (who works as a tailor in a neighboring store). The kid ran out to pull the metal shutter down.
Chemist shop where friend was killed outside

He did bring the shutter down (and possibly saved the others inside), but he ended up outside the store. The terrorists were shooting indiscriminately; he caught five bullets; One went through and through his stomach! They operated on him till 5 am when he was pronounced dead. His body is undergoing an autopsy. His family and relatives were wailing loudly when I visited. I could not bear to enter, but called my friend outside to offer my condolences. He leaves behind a wife and two kids.


Friday said...

Unfortunately, Im not by nature a very sympathetic or empathetic person but I couldnt swallow whilst reading this.

A sob, caught in my throat.


Anonymous said...

I read what's happening in detail, over the newspaper and coffee this morning at the mall. I had to cover my mouth so I didn't let a sob escape.

Just wanton killing...for their cause. What a fucking cause.

Eostre said...

I cannot express the horror I feel about this. How? How can people think its alright to do this? To kill, to take lives, indiscriminately or otherwise. My mother's friend's family are there, trapped in a hotel, terrified, calling their family on and off. And those are the lucky ones.

I just can't... why? For what purpose, to please what god? This isn't right, not in the eyes of man or any god I believe in.

deepshikha said...

I do not live in mumbai.Neither any of my friends or relatives does.I am doing all my daily chores.I am going to office working,eating,sleeping....everything.but i am quiet.i have no words..but after reading thisI want to cry out...loud...

Anonymous said...

God is just an excuse.Its all about sex.They are assured 72 virgins once the deed is done in the name of God. These Horny brainless sods believe anything. It only shows how stupid they are when they don't stop to thing how they are going to handle a single virgin without the equipment required.

Anonymous said...

i am from mumbai but am pursuing my studies in hyderabad so i was rivetted to the net getting news .
By god! this is awful! They were all innocent people who had done naught to deserve this .it's a shame that we still have cannibals of human destruction in this present world .God ! i hope this never happens again. i hope we start something to counter this threat of human vs human .till then close your eyes and pray for the lost souls.....

Fusion said...

It's totally senseless, just like the retail worker who was trampled to death while opening the doors at a Walmart yesterday morning when 2000 customers rushed in to buy fucking TV's and toasters and such shit at reduced prices...

fingers said...

There's no point comdemning this senseless act of barbarism; the horror is obvious.
So, what do you do to combat an enemy who not only doesn't fear death but welcomes it for themself ??
Perhaps it's time to start taking the terrorosts' families out and shooting them ?? An awful solution to be sure but perhaps these religious martyrs will think again if the consequences of their actions go beyond their own pathetic existences...

Anonymous said...

Titus was staying in the Oberoi 3 weeks ago (the pic of him with AB was taken in one of the restaurants that was attacked there)... and had a couple of dinners in the Taj.... so it really hits home.. lots of 'what if' scenarios run through our heads.. it is such a tragedy.
I've asked him if he can stay away from Mumbai until later next year at least... *fingers crossed*