Friday, November 07, 2008

Business time

The students are finishing up their last exams and now it is time for us to roll up our shirt sleeves and get cracking on some IT work that we couldn't do when they are here in force.

Meanwhile I'm trying to write some web pages to replace a bunch of paper forms and reduce our data entry requirements. For the most part it looks as if it will work, but I'm doing some cheeky screen scraping to read other peoples web pages to get the info I need. The uni is comically inefficient at making that kind of information available.

Alex (wife) is heading off to the US for a whirlwind visit, mostly the mid north east and Chicago with a day in Memphis. She's looking at some gas facilities for a big project she is working on here. She wont have time for sight seeing tho. :-(

That of course means that I have to look after the kidlets by myself for a week. Think I may need a few wines to get through that one.

Selling a boat on ebay

Interviewing next week for one of my System Administrator positions - give me a call if your a smoking hot linux sys admin who knows PERL and can install and manage open source apps such as media wiki. A unix ticket would be a plus.


fingers said...

Love the 'water damaged' boat.
There's a big market for those things...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I was looking for something bigger. In boats size does matter. And it is a good price. :)

Tell me do you to Ventura California?

I know the feeling in all work and no play...hope your wife gets to sight see a little.

ciao honey.

xl said...

Damn, I have 10 years experience as an operations-level AIX sys admin who knows PERL and can install and manage open source apps. Just my fscking luck!

word: toner no joke

unique_stephen said...

Fingers > Who'd a thunk the deak would have dissolved like sugar candy!

SZJ > I've just had a look in post office for a PostPack - but they don't seem to have one big enough.

XL > I'd heard you were toned.
Tone <-> fsk = u r t3h gh33k

kimba said...

I was going to leave you a message.. "can I call even if I don't want to buy your boat?"

But thought it might confuse your potential buyers..

Eostre said...

if your a smoking hot linux sys admin who knows PERL and can install and manage open source apps such as media wiki

That's what I want to be when I grow up!!

Hmmm, I keep meaning to watch Flight but I dunno... I've seen bits and pieces and while they're funny I just don't know if I want to watch the whole show.

Fingers crossed that everyone will be in one piece by the time the Mrs gets back.

Lisamaree said...

Well... I hope your kids make Alex's time away as uneventful as possible. I've had the 4 year old from hell living with me while my other half is 'working' and meeting cricketers in India...

Good luck finding a decent sys admin. Since Linux is a flavour of Unix... what other unix ticket are you looking for? Something more chunky like Solaris? mmm.... I miss using Sun machines... ah the good old days....
I would hope even in this day and age any semi serious unix sys admin would know PERL... hell - even *I* can program in PERL (out of necessity in a previous life pre-kids) and I ain't no sys admin.
Thought of seeing if Sage-AU have anyone looking? Most of the members actually have a clue. ;)
Good luck with it. ;)

Memphis Steve said...

Your wife is coming to Memphis? Is she visiting the Mapco refinery? If I stopped by and said 'hi' it might freak her out, eh?

I've done tons of Linux and sys admin work. I've got the Pearl you want. Gimme dat job.

Word: wavels

Wavels - the strange buzzing your computer makes when your cell phone is receiving a text message.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey, your wife just has to go see Graceland...Ahuh Ahuh! It's cool and tell her to write on the wall too. Everyone does...well I did.

And if she is in a crowd...go to Beale Street to listen to some looks a little rough there.

later sweetie.

Em said...

Oooh... dad duty for a whole week! How fun! Enjoy that.

goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

unique_stephen said...

Kimba > so long as you want to ask questions such as "how long is your beam" I'm sure we can accommodate without being too confusing.

Eostre > FotC are funny as bro

Lisamaree > sounds like the other half has a lot to make up. We use Solaris but they are $$ so I'll take a, Red hat cert and train them. A lot of the problems I have are with integration code and CGI scripts written in PERL. I need that pain to go away. I'm interviewing three prospective gheeks next week.

Memphis > love too, but you've got to be an Aussie or have a permanent residency. And your far to white male for our EEO policies
Can't tell you what she's doing - all secret hush hush

SZJ > she has very little free time - but the yokals may take her out to dinner or suming.

EM > the fridge is stocked. Wine makes me a better father.

goooooood girl > You're pretty cute, but I can't help but to think how much better you'd look with my testicles bouncing against your chin. I recon that'd feel pretty fucking good.

Josh said...

So if I read that post right you seem to think that as good as a boat is for pulling the ladies, you are going to sell it off and get some business socks while Alex is away. When she comes back you plan to surprise her with two minutes of love making.

You big soft romantic.

Em said...

Um... did you actually just say that Stephen?

LauraDanielleDotN said...

I was reading this post at work and thought the video might be something to do with a boat. Imagine my surprise when I get home and it's the exact song I had been singing in my head the entire time I was reading the post.

It's business. It's business tiiiiiime.

unique_stephen said...

Josh > Bettet yet - I'm leaving my new socks on.

Em > "goooooood girl" is an add for online poker, which has me kicking myself for not working a 'poke her' joke into my response.

LauraDanielleDotN > Not only that - but it's in a Kiwi accent too I bet

Em said...

Oh Thank God... I was like, wow, Stephen that's awfully bold, even for you.

Anonymous said...

:-) Nice to know that at least one person thinks I Steve has a limit

Anonymous said...

Steve.. im lookin for something to float my boat.. but not to buy one! my dad says the definition of a boat.. is a black hole in the sea that you throw money into. :-)

as to all that tech stuff..? im still trying to master blogger! :-)

but one thing is for sure.. when you see alex show her stern at the airport.. you will appreciate her stacks! love Tiff

the projectivist said...

i nearly fell into a sleep-coma in that last paragraph...linux apps sourcey media PERL-something-or-other, can't you attempt something simpler? like world peace?

luckily you came good in the end with the rich samplings of 'Business Time'

sweet sweet Flight of the Conchords.